Green Slate 40mm

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Green Slate 40mm

Green Slate Chippings 40mm are a larger alternative to the 20mm that are ideal for decorative borders and other landscaping projects where a chunkier look is required. A versatile stone with a natural subtle green colour that darkens when wet it will blend well with any garden environment. As a fish friendly product, it is ideal for water features and fish ponds. The 40mm is a popular decorative ground covering stone and excellent weed suppressant with a more attractive look than a bark or mulch alternative.

Applications: Rockeries, decorative garden projects, borders, mulching, water features, ponds and aquatics

Actual Sizing: Sized 30-50mm with variation possible

Colour: Mix of green shades with some rust coloured inclusions, darkening when wet

Shape: Chunkier, angular pieces

Material: Natural slate