Golden Gravel 20mm

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Golden Gravel 20mm

Our 20mm Golden Gravel is perfect for drives as it is hardwearing, durable and beds together well. Also known as Golden Flint Shingle, Solent Gravel, Corn Gravel and Yellow Shingle it is an attractive blend of rich gold, tan and cream colours that create a stylish and contemporary finish. Golden Corn is very popular for garden and landscaping projects including paths, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics or for decorative ground covering. The actual size is 10-20mm.

Applications: Drives, paths, landscaping projects, decorative garden designs, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics

Actual Szing: Sized 10-20mm

Colour: Mixture of yellow, tan and cream with browns and greys

Shape: Angular gravel

Material: Flint