The Benefits Of Artificial Grass Lawns

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There are many different benefits to using artificial grass in your garden, yet it is most well-known for being easier to maintain than real grass. There are other positive aspects to artificial grass, here are the top 5 reasons to purchase artificial grass.

  1. Maintenance
  2. No seasonal allergies
  3. Reduced water bill
  4. Family and pet friendly
  5. No pesticides needed 


As you probably know, artificial grass is considerably lower maintenance than a real lawn, which makes it a popular landscaping choice for modern gardens. Retiring your lawnmower will mean more downtime, whether that is spending time with family and friends, or topping up your summer tan, an artificial lawn will be less of a chore than real grass.

Now of course artificial grass does need some maintenance, and the time spent on this minimal maintenance will depend on the purpose of your garden; is there a lot of foot traffic? Do you have a pet? One of the main benefits of artificial grass is how easy it is to clean despite the circumstances. Debris such as leaves can be blown away with the leaf blower and swept up, flattened grass can be fluffed up again with a brush, and any mess made by pets can be washed away with a hose.

No seasonal allergies

Do you love the summer but suffer with seasonal allergies such as hay fever? Grass pollen is one of the most common allergens that causes hay fever, with its peak season running between the months of May and June. With 90% of hay fever suffers being affected by grass pollen the summer months where lawn mowing is more frequent can be very unpleasant and suffers often need to simply stay instead most of the time.

Another advantage to artificial grass is that it reduces the amount of pollen in your garden due to it not producing any pollen. Installing artificial grass will mean that you can limit the amount of time spent preparing for the constant sneezing and itchy eyes and spend more time in your garden in the summer sun without worrying about your pollen exposure time.

Reduced water bill

In England and Wales, the average water bill is £408 a year or £34 a month. We all like to save money where we can and having a real lawn can use up a lot of water, especially during the summer which will cost you even more money.

benefits of fake grass

Family and pet friendly

Grass can be a washing day nightmare with all the mud and grass stains, and along with dirt and mud that can be carried in through the house on mucky shoes a whole day can spent on cleaning alone.

As well as artificial grass being easy to clean, another benefit is that it cannot get muddy or cause stains. A membrane layer is used as a barrier between the soil and the artificial grass when being installed, meaning the artificial grass does not get muddy and it also prevents pets from digging up the ground too. In turn, this makes artificial grass both family and pet friendly as it minimises mess and clean-up time.

No pesticides needed

Billions are spent on pesticides across the globe, which results in major harm being caused to the environment and to wildlife due to pesticides contaminating everything around it, such as the air, the soil and water.

Real grass will often grow unwanted plants, such as weeds and moss, and pesticides are used to rid your lawn of these nuisances. However, as we now know, pesticides do not allow for a safe environment, both for wildlife, family, and pets, and they are not always very effective. An advantage to artificial grass is that there is no need for pesticides as any weeds would have been killed and removed before laying the artificial grass.

This will also save you money in the long run, as you will not be stuck in the cycle of buying pesticides and fertilisers to revive and maintain your lawn 


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