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We are experts in resin bound and the landscaping industry and are happy to help answer any queries you may have regarding our products or services.


All you need to know about our resin bound products and company

Find out more about our high-quality resin bound supplies and materials below. If you have a question we have not answered or you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a resin bound system?

A resin-bound system is a surfacing solution that provides a permeable smooth, flat finish. The system is created by mixing polyurethane resin and dried aggregates.

Is resin bound paving durable?

Resin bound is extremely durable. Resin bound is the fastest growing surface solution in the landscaping industry because it is hard-wearing, resilient and stands the test of time with unbelievable design opportunities.

Is resin bound better than tarmac?

No other external surfacing solution offers the same visual and practical benefits as a resin bound system. Resin bound is naturally more appealing because there is a huge choice of colours of decorative aggregates to use, whereas tarmac is predominantly black. It is also more practical and durable as it’s slip-resistant and has more grip not to mention its design capabilities.

What surfaces can resin bound be laid on?

Resin bound can be laid on most existing surfaces, such as concrete, tarmac and some paving – it’s one of its many benefits!


FAQs about Exo Supplies

Who is Exo Supplies?

Exo Supplies is known for supplying high-quality resin bound supplies to trade in South Wales. We pride ourselves on providing a wide choice of premium resin bound and landscaping supplies and materials which have an independent BBA approval from companies with a long-standing pedigree in the industry.
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Where can I find Exo Supplies?

Exo Supplies is based in Cardiff. Our warehouse is located conveniently on Ipswich Road, just off the M4, so it’s easy for businesses and sub-contractors in the rest of South Wales and South West to access us from the motorway.

What delivery options do I have?

We offer a wide range of collection and delivery options, including collections seven days a week. We offer bespoke local delivery, which means we will deliver your materials to your site, unload and stack in mixes or put it away in your garage ready for installation. If you would prefer to collect your products, we’re located conveniently in Cardiff with easy access to the motorway.

What areas do you cover?

We supply resin and landscaping materials to businesses and sub-contractors in South Wales and the South West.

My supplier keeps delivering damaged pallets, how does Exo Supplies store and deliver its products?

We ensure all of our orders are packaged properly and stored inside our warehouse correctly. All of our dried products are stored indoors to retain their quality. As we’re a local supplier, where possible we don’t use third-party pallet companies to deliver our products. This helps us to quality-control our pallets and avoid transporting them from one vehicle to the other multiple times where damage is inevitable.

I need my resin bound for a project on a Sunday as it is the only dry day available?

We understand that in the resin bound industry, the quality of products and service is everything. We know that installation opportunities are limited to suitable weather conditions, which is why we can arrange delivery and get your products on to your site when you need them or you can collect them from our warehouse 7 days a week.

What happens if I’m running low on mixes?

We always have high stocks of our products in our warehouse so customers can to come and collect any other additional material they need.

What do I do if I’ve over-ordered?

It’s not a problem if you have ordered too much stock than you need. You can return it, and we will give you credit to use against your next order with us. Just ensure that it is clean dry and in a saleable condition.


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