How To Choose Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass could be the perfect addition to your garden this summer, but are you wondering how to choose artificial grass for your garden? There are three things you should consider when choosing the right artificial grass for you:

  1. Budget
  2. Type and effect
  3. Purpose

1. Budget

Artificial grass is a cost-effective investment, you will save money in the long run as you won’t have the worry of ongoing maintenance like a real lawn. It is important to remember this when shopping for your artificial grass as the installation is an up-front cost, but this choice will save you money in the years to come.

Exo Supplies offers a variety of artificial grass types, from our entry price of £9.99 being suitable for the lower budgets or smaller surface areas, to our more high-end and luxury artificial grass for higher budgets and larger areas with a lot of foot traffic. We have options suitable for most budgets, ensuring that you can start investing in your garden at any time.

2. Purpose

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself when choosing artificial grass is: what is the purpose of your lawn?

There are a lot of factors to consider concerning the purpose of your artificial grass, such as will there be a lot of foot traffic, if so, a denser and lower pile grass would be best, such as our Exo Zeus Grass. Or do you have children or a pet, again, a lower pile height, such as our Exo Aphrodite Grass, would be best suited.

Once your budget and purpose are established, it will then be easier to choose the aesthetic values you desire in your artificial grass as they are a matter of personal preference.

How to choose artificial grass

3. Type and effect

As previously mentioned, your budget will determine the types of artificial grass you can purchase, however, depending on the aesthetic you are looking for you may find it worthwhile to save to achieve the right look for your garden. There are a few aesthetic aspects to also consider when browsing for artificial grass, such as:

Pile Height

Pile height refers to the height of the blades of grass, and this choice is simply a matter of preference. A longer pile height will make your artificial grass look lusher and fuller, whereas a shorter pile height will look neater and well-maintained.


Again, this choice will be a matter of aesthetic and budget, a larger density will ensure your lawn looks lush, and a smaller density will look sparser. However, purchasing a lower density artificial grass is often more cost effective if you will not be spending a great deal of time on your lawn, therefore, low densities should not be dismissed.


The colour of your artificial grass is another key aesthetic value to think about, and much like pile height it is mostly up to your personal preference as to which colour you choose. Artificial grass can come in a range of shades and variations, such as our Exo Hermes Grass which has soft blades and cushioning base fibres with a mix of blades colours and tones, combined with different tufts to give it a completely natural and realistic appearance.

Exo Supplies’ Top Tips When Shopping For Artificial Grass 

Along with the factors above, there are some other aspects to artificial grass that you should consider when choosing your artificial grass, such as: 

  1. Does the artificial grass need in-fill?
  2. Does the grass drain away water?
  3. Does the price reflect the quality?

These are also important questions that you should be thinking about when you chose your artificial grass. Exo Supplies is a local supplier based in Cardiff, and we pride ourselves on selling high-quality product at a competitive price, comparable to larger companies.

Our artificial grass is:

  • High-quality
  • Sold at competitive prices
  • Comes in a wide variety of looks and aesthetics
  • Drains water
  • And we sell in-fill for our artificial grass

Are you now considering installing artificial grass in your garden? To find out more and shop our full range of artificial grass and decorative aggregates, visit our website or contact us on 02922 742000 or visit us in store.

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