12 Must Have Landscaping Tools

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Landscapers need a variety of tools to carry out their landscaping efficiently and to a high standard. Here are the twelve must have landscaping tools that all garden landscapers need:

  1. Hand Tools
  2. Measuring Tools
  3. Safety Equipment

1. Hand Tools

Hand tools are a very necessary category of landscaping tools as they aid in the craftsmanship of the operation at hand, whether that’s digging, hammering or transporting. Here are few hand tools that we think every landscaper needs:


The shovel is any gardener's staple, it may be a simple tool with only one use, but you’ll be using this tool all the time so it’s definitely a tool worth investing in. A long-lasting shovel is typically made from microfibre or steel as these are more durable than wood.


Another landscaping must have is the trusty trowel. Every landscaper should have a comfortable and sturdy trowel for transplanting bedding and plants, or for construction such as a brick trowel.


Wheelbarrows are an essential landscaping tool, it may often be looked over as even counting as a type of tool, but the humble wheelbarrow is what will get your heavy materials from point A to B, giving you more time and energy to finish the job at hand.


A hammer isn’t just for hitting and pulling nails, the hammer is a versatile hand tool that can be used to break up debris and rocky soil and piling in grass pins and other types of spokes.

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2. Measuring Tools

Aside from having landscaping, building and gardening skills, a landscaper must also have right tools for the job, and one of the most important aspects of landscaping is symmetry and precision.

Symmetry provides a clean and professional finish to your garden, whether that’s through measuring the height of the plants, to measuring the area for your artificial grass, or simply trying to measure out a straight line. In short, measuring tools are a must have, here are some we think any landscaper should have: tape measure, nylon rope, and reel tape.

3. Safety Equipment

Finally, the number one priority for any worker should be their safety, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that from 2020/2021 there have been 142 fatalities in the workplace in Britain. Therefore, safety equipment is the top must have tool for landscapers, and these are our recommended safety tools:


Some people might say there's no need for safety goggles, however, any debris, such as grass or dirt near the eye can cause major damage to the cornea.

Ear Protection

Landscapers are often working with loud tools and machinery, such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers etc. So, protecting your ears with ear defenders to ensure you protect your hearing.

Protective Clothing

It’s not just about how safely you use your tools, but also how you protect yourself from them. Wear protective clothing that is also purposeful with lots of useful pockets is a must have, as well as wearing gloves and face masks so you won’t badly damage your hands or breathe in any harmful substances.

Exo Supplies’ Top Must Have Landscaping Tool

All the tools we sell at Exo Supplies are high quality essentials for any landscaper. However, we of course have a favourite that we think is a great hand tool and is fantastic for user safety, and this is the Henko 605 Speed Knife.

This knife is our top must have landscaping tool as it is necessary for cutting the joints of artificial grass; the forward cutting motion and triangular shape of the tool allows the user to cut through grass at very high speeds whilst maintaining the precision that is needed for a high-quality installation that does not affect the grass pile.

Are you missing any of these 12 must have landscaping tools from your toolbox? To shop our full range of tools, artificial grass and decorative aggregates, visit our website or contact us on 02922 742000 or visit us in store.

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