Ecogrid E40

133 x 100 x 4cm - EcoGrid E40 XXL

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EcoGrid E40 XXL

 Ideal to reinforce footpaths, car-parking spaces and driveways

 Dimensions:133 x 100 x 4cm

Wall Thickness: Up to 3.0mm

Dimensional Stability: -50oC / 90oC

Moisture absorption: 0,01%

Weight per m  4.8 kg

Weight per piece: 6.35 kg

Interlock: 42 notched connectors per panel

Max. open surface: approx. 87%

Material: LD-PE, recycled

Loadability: up to 800 t/m2 (depending on fill type)

Compressive strength: up to 20t point axle (DIN 1072)

Tensile strength: > 5 kN/m